The Three Pillars of the WOW Pilipinas Legislative Agenda


The Philippines’ greatest tourism asset, aside from its people, is the country itself. We have over 7,000 beautiful islands, some of which are considered the most beautiful spots in the world.

While the government and private sector should invest and can do more to develop the country’s many tourism sites, we believe that this should be done conscious of our responsibility to protect and preserve our environment.

Sustainable tourism should be the guiding principle of any tourism development strategy, and consistent with this, Wow Pilipinas Party-list will work with environmental advocates, communities, and local governments to craft green legislation and to champion sustainable tourism development.


We believe that the COVID-19 pandemic will inevitably influence the design and construction of tourism-related structures like hotels, resorts, and sites. 

Aside from comfort and aesthetics, disease mitigation concerns such as ventilation and access to open air must now be factored in by tourist site developers who aim to build
pandemic-resilient environments that will reduce the threats posed by airborne diseases.

Wow Pilipinas Partylist believes that legislation can be passed to incentivize
initiatives to build back safer, and that efforts should be made to convince Congress to invest in tourism-related infrastructure that will put an emphasis on open spaces and access to fresh air.


We believe that at the core of tourism development is the welfare of of its various stakeholders. This includes the close to 14 million Filipinos employed in the tourism sector, the small and medium-sized enterprises that benefit from domestic and foreign tourists, and the many industries involved in tourism.

If elected to Congress, the nominees of Wow Pilipinas Party-list will work to address the various concerns of the tourism sector’s various stakeholders by reviewing and amending existing tourism-related legislation, as well as pushing for new legislation that will benefit the sector’s stakeholders.


Genevive L. Reyes is the first nominee of WOW Pilipinas Partylist. She is the incumbent Vice-Mayor of Caluya, Antique and has close to two decades of experience in public administration and tourism.