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WOW Pilipinas Antique Supports AMBA, Promotes Bike Tourism in Antique. 

San Jose, Antique, February 27,2022

It truly was an Amazing Race, and we are thanking  AMBA Antique Mountain Bikers Association Inc. for allowing us to be part of this pioneering bike tourism event in the Province of Antique! Together, let's help make Antique one of the most sought after Sports and Eco Tourism destinations in the Philippines.

AMBA Antique Mountain Bikers Association Inc. in collaboration with WOW Pilipinas Antique are promoting bike tourism and responsible bikers' etiquette in the Province of Antique for this year's AMBA Amazing Race! | February 27th, 2022 (Sunday, 7:00AM) at EBJ Freedom Park. 

Image Source: AMBA